This blog is ALL about BLACK WOMEN…our goals…our desires…LOVING WHITE AND OTHER NON BLACK MEN!

It is also about traveling, doing things that we never thought we could or would do. This blog is all about transcending any and all boundaries…

This blog is all about BLACK WOMEN being ENCOURAGED to do whatever she so CHOOSES to do and not be held to any standards or beliefs of naysayers and all others that clearly do not have our best interest at heart.

BLACK WOMEN, WE ARE OUR OWN COMMUNITY…we do not owe BLACK MEN, WHITE WOMEN or anyone else…ANYTHING! We are not about the feelings of others whenever it comes to our NEEDS, HAPPINESS and or SAFETY.

There will be no APOLOGIES made on this page about anything concerning BLACK WOMEN, our DATING PREFERENCES, where we choose to live, who we choose to allow into our circles.

We ARE the rulers of our lives and we are no longer looking back! MAMMY DON QUIT, SISTA SOULJA DON WOKE UP, OLE AUNT MILLIE DON LOST ALL DAT WEIGHT!!! Those roles are kaput!

There is a new AWAKENING going on here and we have come to some serious realization, with regards to who we are, our lives and what we deserve!

Sistas have realized that being the mule of the world is never beneficial to her…we are beautiful creatures and no other woman is any better, no matter what lies she has been told. NO, THIS IS NOT IN ANYWAY A FEMINIST BLOG! This is not some ANGRY BLACK WOMAN BLOG either. Neither is this some kind of STRONG BLACK WOMAN BLOG so scratch that shit! We are just as beautiful and delicate as any other and will no longer settle for less.

Everyone is doing their own thing and getting theirs, why should it be any different for BLACK WOMEN?!

Well gotta tell ya…it’s NOT!!!



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